Maria Cinque

Rome associate

Maria Cinque is Associate Professor of Didactics, Teaching Methodologies and Special Pedagogy at the Department of Human Studies at LUMSA University in Rome, where she coordinates the course of Science of Education. She is the Director of the Post-Graduate School EIS ("Educare all’incontro e alla solidarietà"), which is a research and training center for Service-Learning. Since 2017 she has the responsibility for e-learning and Moocs at LUMSA University and has coordinated different courses for teacher training (on special educational needs, gifted children, autism spectrum disorders).

Previously she worked as a researcher in the Department of Educational Research of Fondazione Rui.  She teaches Learning and Communication Skills at the Campus Bio-Medico University in Rome and holds seminars on soft skills and active learning in different Italian Universities (Catania, Palermo, Pisa, Pordenone, Roma, Torino, Udine). 

She has a PhD in Teaching and Communication Technologies and her main research interests focus soft skills and digital skills, faculty development, coaching and creativity.

She has been involved in the different European projects concerning soft skills: eLene4LIFE: Learning and interacting to foster employability (2018-21); eLene4work: Learning to learn for new digital soft skills for employability. (2014-17); European Ict Sector Skills Alliance - Vet Open Course For Mobile Apps Creators (2014-15); MODES (Modernising Higher Education through Soft Skills Accreditation). (2009-12).