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Espresso: A Shot of Unconventional Italy

Every country lives in the shadow of common places that have been created by years of history, movies, migrations, music and literature, popular culture and so on. The Rome Global Gateway’s new virtual series titled “Espresso: A Shot of Unconventional Italy”  takes some of the most common stereotypes about Italy  and looks at them from a different angle, revealing that there is more to the story than the tale suggests.

“Pizza and pasta eaters?” “Soccer fanatics?” “Small car drivers?” “La dolce vita?” "Pavarotti, Bocelli and Pausini?" These are a few of the first stereotypical questions that will be addressed and further explained.  Like all stereotypes, they carry some truth but also perpetuate misconceptions. The series aims at addressing both. Each appointment will have a speaker and an expert and will be composed of two parts: “A Drop of Espresso” and the Live session “Espresso Live.” 

Live meetings will take place on Thursday morning EST and will be free and open to the public upon registration. It will be introduced by a dynamic and informative short video that will be presented by the guest speaker and will provide you with some figures and curiosities on the topic.

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April 22, 2021 - Pizza and Pasta Eaters?

Are Italians exclusively pizza and pasta eaters? Professor Elizabeth Simari takes the audience on an unconventional food tour of Testaccio district in Rome and explains some of the most iconic Roman offal dishes. She also describes the Italian regional food variety and the richness of dishes and wines across the country.

A Drop of Espresso

 Espresso 4

Espresso Live

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