Social Spaces

Social Spaces

Roof Terrace

The Gateway's Roof Terrace is located on the fifth level, it can host up to 54 people seated and 50 people standing. It is used for lunches, dinners and receptions with the exceptional view of the Colosseum.

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Centioli Family Terrace and Courtyard

The Centioli Family Terrace is located on the second level and is normally used for outside coffee breaks during conferences or seminars taking place in Room 202. It can host up to thirty people seated and thirty standing. The courtyard instead, is located on the ground floor and is used for aperitivi or receptions. It can host up to 20 people seated and 100 standing.

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Exposition Room

The Exposition Room is located on the ground and lower floors. The upper level can host up to 30 people seated and 30 standing while the lower level can host up to 25 people standing. The walls are covered with panels for the exposition of materials. The lower exhibition space has preserved the original medieval walls.

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