Annual Lecture Series / Prof. Matteo Sanfilippo


Location: Rome Global Gateway

Second appointment of the Annual Lecture Series 2019/2020

Prof. Matteo Sanfilippo, professor of modern history at DISUCOM - Università della Tuscia and Director of Istituto Storico Scalabriniano

"Rome: A City of Immigrants from Antiquity to the Present"

Migration fluxes to Rome are not a recent phenomenon, as they periodically occurred in the last two millennia of the city's history. This lecture will retrace the history of migration to the Eternal city from its origins to today, based on research recently published for the project, Ponti di dialogo, funded by Fondazione Centro Studi Emigrazione and Fondazione Migrantes.

Open to the public: RSVP here

*This event is co-sponsored by Fondazione Centro Studi Emigrazione and lstituto Storico Scalabriniano.

Event poster: Lecture Series Matteo Sanfilippo