Lenten Music Through the Ages: Gregorian Chant


Location: Online - Rome Global Gateway

Praying With One Voice: Gregorian Chant

We’ll start our learning journey with Gregorian Chant - this is the earliest music of the Church. We don’t really know exactly what this music sounded like, but we know that song was a part of culture. What we have now are fossils, the remains of a musical culture. In reality, music develops through practice, by people who are trained in a discipline and develop music for specific events.

In preparation for the meeting, some resources are dedicated to introductory material, including ‘instructions for use’ on ThinkND.

Join the live discussion on Wednesday, March 10, at 1 p.m. ET with J.J. Wright and special guest Peter Jeffery. Register to participate and submit your questions for the discussion.

Meet the Faculty

J.J. Wright ’14 M.S.M., ’17 D.M.A. is currently the Director of the Notre Dame Folk Choir. During his graduate studies at Notre Dame, J.J. lived in Rome where he researched and wrote his dissertation on early Baroque oratorio and jazz in collaboration with the Rome Global Gateway. In addition, he studied at the Pontifical Institute of Sacred Music and interned with the Sistine Chapel Choir.