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What does it all mean? The painting and its subject


Location: Online - Rome Global Gateway

Third and last appointment with the "Raphael’s School of Athens: The Medium and the Message" Rome Book Club.

One of the most famous and influential paintings of the Renaissance, contemporary with and rivaling Michelangelo’s Sistine Ceiling, Raphael’s fresco of ancient philosophers under a vaulted hall is both a brilliant articulation of philosophical systems and a sophisticated display of fresco technique. Understanding how medium and message were intertwined in Raphael’s world will open up a window onto the culture of the High Renaissance, where artistic craft and humanist thought went hand in hand.

What does it all mean? The painting and its subject

This week, guided by Professor David Mayernik from the School of Architecture, we will finally come to terms with the School of Athens. How was it painted, and what does it mean? How does how it was painted and what it means intersect?

In preparation for the meeting, some resources are dedicated to introductory material, including ‘instructions for use’ on ThinkND.

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