Rome International Scholars alumn continues work for Rome Reports

Author: Costanza Montanari

Justin McLellan initially came to Rome with the Rome International Scholars program in 2019. His experience abroad, living with a local host family, studying and working in Rome opened up new opportunities for his career. He is currently back in the eternal city to work for Rome Reports.

"I recently began working for Rome Reports, a news agency that reports on the Vatican and the Catholic Church worldwide” comments McLellan. “At first I was

Rome Reports 2

introduced to the company by Silvia Dall'Olio, the Rome Global Gateway’s executive director, while studying abroad in the RIS program. In my role, I will produce news stories on the Vatican and the larger Catholic Church, and I am eager to learn about and participate in the world of journalism.”

Since his time abroad, McLellancompleted his degree in philosophy and theology from Notre Dame, incorporating many ideas from the research he conducted in Rome into his senior thesis.

He then planned to participate in a Fulbright fellowship in Belgium, but the program was canceled due to the pandemic.

Like many other graduating seniors in 2020/ McLellan went home to live with his family, and ended up working at a high school to assist in their transition to hybrid learning

“While at home, I was able to connect with Rome Reports again and an opportunity to work for them arose” says McLellan.  “Although going back to Rome was not in my initial plans, the experience as a Rome International Scholar gave me the desire and confidence to move back to the city. If not for the cultural competency and language skills I acquired from studying abroad I would not have seriously considered pursuing a career abroad.”

McLellan has always been interested in the global reach of Catholicism, therefore for him living and working at the centre of the Church is an extremely exciting prospect that he is looking forward to undertake.