Upcoming Summer Course takes Students on Virtual Tour through Rome

Author: Costanza Montanari

All Roads Small

Professor Chiara Sbordoni is leading the All Roads Lead to Rome virtual summer course. She is from Rome and her expertise is in Medieval and Renaissance Italian literature. Since 2017, she has been on the faculty of the Notre Dame Rome Global Gateway where she teaches Italian language, literature and culture and contributes to the development of academic programs, projects and events. 

All Roads Lead to Rome, which all students who study abroad in Rome take, could be defined as the Rome Global Gateway foundational course. It is a history of the eternal city from the foundation to the present through its architecture, the fine arts, including the visual arts, literature and cinema, with a focus on  contemporary issues such as globalization, immigration and the conservation of the archaeological and artistic patrimony of such a complex contemporary city. Sbordoni has been teaching this course for years and has been recording on-site lessons for the virtual course during this period of pandemic. 

If you are a Notre Dame student looking for a summer online course, you could have the chance to virtually travel to Rome and visit its most interesting sites: about half of the classes will be live streamed from the relevant sites of the city including the archaeological complex of the Colosseum-Roman Forum and Imperial Fora; the Church of the Gesù and Piazza Navona, the Jewish neighborhood and other landmarks of the Eternal City.

Students in this course will start to understand Rome by experiencing the complexity of its urban network; by studying the ruins of antiquity and the splendors of Renaissance, Baroque and 18th Century Rome; by tracing the epic adventure that reunited Italy and led to the establishment of Rome as its capital after twenty centuries (so that today, Rome is at the heart of two states: the Italian Republic and  the Vatican); by revisiting the tragedies of modern times, including fascism and the civil war; and by learning about the Rome of postwar and contemporary Italy.

For more information please visit summeronline.nd.edu.