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Circolo "La Navicella"

The Circolo La Navicella at the Rome Global Gateway is a student led academic society open to all Notre Dame students studying in Rome and, for specific initiatives, to students enrolled in partner universities and academic institutions in the city as well. It is the home for cultural debates and contests, and it offers students the opportunity to be proactive in proposing and leading extra curricular initiatives and learning experiences during their study abroad in Rome.

The mission of the Circolo is that of strengthening, in students and faculty involved in its activities, the sense of belonging to a learning community and providing an international, free, creative and welcoming place for students to associate and pursue extra curricular cultural and experiential learning experiences while studying in Rome. The Circolo promotes and supports initiatives such as language exchanges, study groups, visits to neighborhoods of Rome, museums, exhibits, archeological sites, and monuments in Rome as well as other Italian cities; attendance at opera, concerts, cinema and theater performances, as well as conferences on various cultural and academic topics in all fields.

The Circolo supports academic initiatives in connection with Italian at Notre Dame, promoting synchronic events that will be paired up in video conferencing, and which will encourage students in both Rome and South Bend to feel part of a global and evolving academic community, with strong roots both at home and overseas. 

Students who study in Rome will have the opportunity to join the Circolo upon arrival. For additional information, please contact Professor Chiara Sbordoni.