Nestled in the heart of the Eternal City, the Rome Global Gateway offers students and faculty a veritable feast of art, architecture, history, and religion, all just steps from its iconic location.

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The Rome Global Gateway has three open positions:
Research & Partnership Program Specialist
Conferences & Events Assistant
Assistant Rector

If tradition is at the heart of Notre Dame, there is no better place to understand it than Rome. While the city is dotted with ancient ruins, Biblical sites, and Renaissance works, so too does it contain renowned universities, libraries, and archives which can be critical to progress, scholarship, and understanding.

For guests at the Rome Global Gateway, library partnerships, internship opportunities, and community service events await. Lectures and colloquia on topics ranging from migration, to nonlinear analysis, to relationships between the Qur’an and the Bible are attended by scholars from around the world. And the growing list of researchers and visitors at the Via Ostilia facility prove that perhaps all roads do indeed lead to Rome.

Italy Study Abroad Alumni Reunion to be hosted in 2023

This visit and reunion is inspired by the 2013 Academy Award-winning film La Grande Bellezza - The Great Beauty by Paolo Sorrentino.

Behind the scenes of an art history intern at the Bibliotheca Hertziana in Rome

Kendra Lyimo is currently enrolled in the spring 2023 Rome International Scholar program. Her internship at the Bibliotheca Hertziana was the ideal fit for her wide range of interests and it has thus been her favorite part of studying abroad so far.

Provost John T. McGreevy's Rome visit

In March 2023, University of Notre Dame Provost John T McGreevy visited Europe to present his latest book “Catholicism: A Global History from the French Revolution to Pope Francis.”

32 local partners with ongoing collaborations and projects

898 international participants in conferences and events in 2017

1,200 hours of Community Based Learning each year

350 graduate and undergraduate students coming to study abroad in Rome each academic year