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Outreach & Engagement

The Gateway aims​​ for its students​ ​to become​ active participant​s​ in Roman cultural and social life. For this reason, it has developed and supported a variety of initiatives​ ​over the years ​in collaboration with local partners​ as well as ​with ​the ND Alumni Club of Italy. ​While studying in Rome, ​​undergraduate and​ ​graduate students have ​a number of opportunities to engage with the local community ​academically, professionally and socially through community based-learning ​activities and internships in prominent companies or institutions​ throughout the city​. Partnerships with local institutions also facilitate collaborations in teaching and the organization of joint conferences, seminars and events.

Moreover, ​each year the Rome Global Gateway participates ​in well-know​n​ local events, such as Creative Mornings Rome and Open House Roma, opening their doors and making the university's mission known to the local community.

Notre Dame Club of Italy

The Notre Dame Club of Italy connects Notre Dame alumni and friends in Italy with each other and helps to raise Notre Dame’s profile in Italy and at the Vatican.