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Outreach & Engagement

Notre Dame Rome aims​​ for its students​ ​to become​ active participant​s​ in Roman cultural and social life. For this reason, it has developed and supported a variety of initiatives​ ​over the years ​in collaboration with local partners​ as well as ​with ​the ND Alumni Club of Italy. ​While studying in Rome, ​​undergraduate and​ ​graduate students have ​a number of opportunities to engage with the local community ​academically, professionally and socially through community based-learning ​activities and internships in prominent companies or institutions​ throughout the city​. Partnerships with local institutions also facilitate collaborations in teaching and the organization of joint conferences, seminars and events.

Moreover, ​each year ND Rome participates ​in well-know​n​ local events, such as Creative Mornings Rome and Open House Roma, opening their doors and making the university's mission known to the local community.