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Rome study abroad student wins the Lou Holtz Leadership Scholarship

Michael McKenzie is a rising senior who spent the 2021 fall semester studying abroad in Rome, where he made an effort to engage with the Rome Global Gateway and the surrounding community. His time in Rome helped earn him the prestigious Lou Holtz Leadership Scholarship. …
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Rome International Scholars students present their final Research

On May 9, 2022, students in the Rome International Scholars program presented their research to a crowd that included peers, family members, faculty advisors, and professors from different universities in Rome. The event was the latest installment of…

Students in Rome step up to the Design Thinking Challenge

On April 6, 2022, the Rome Global Gateway welcomed partner and founding member of IDEO, Dennis Boyle, who, in turn, invited students in Rome to participate in the exciting Design Thinking Challenge. Design thinking is a creative and human-centered approach to problem solving, and Boyle is one of the most...