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Rome is a city that needs to be walked in order to be truly experienced and understood. Every corner of Rome, every street, has something surprising and precious to reveal. In Roman Walks (available at no charge in hard copy or as an eBook), we invite you to approach the city on foot through nine walking tours—step by step, walking at your own pace. We encourage you to combine their pathways, and to find new ones. Rome generously offers itself to pilgrims and wanderers. In the end, you won’t be able to help calling yourself a Roman.

The walks that we propose start from Notre Dame Rome's building and have their center in Notre Dame's Roman neighborhood, and at the same time they intend to project in various directions, towards other centers and monuments in Rome and beyond. For each of the walks, different perspectives will be offered: these explorations will not be exclusively limited to physical tours, but will be enriched by descriptions of literary works, movies, documentaries, and songs that relate to the subject.

Roman Walks was first published in 2015 and reprinted in 2017.

eBook Version

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About the Author

Chiara Sbordoni, a native of Rome's San Giovanni neighborhood, was a Devers Program in Dante Studies postdoctoral fellow in 2006-07, and taught Italian language and Medieval and Renaissance literature at the University of Notre Dame until 2011. At present, she teaches the All Roads Lead to Rome course at Notre Dame Rome.