The Rome Gateway welcomes back students for Summer 2022 with exceptional numbers

Author: News, Rome Global Gateway

Gruppo Summer Piccola

The Rome Global Gateway is excited to open its doors to the first Rome Summer Program since  the global pandemic started in 2020. This year, the program is met with exceptional numbers and extraordinary academic and cultural opportunities. The Summer of 2022 sees a total of 217 students at the Gateway, which also include, among others, the 2022 edition of the Rome Seminar guided by Heather Hyde Minor, the Pre-College Program and the hospitality of a group from the University of Georgia. 

Study abroad students are living a summer experience like no others, in one of the most fascinating cities in the world. They are led by a big desire to discover the wonders of the "eternal city,”and discover new cultures and find new inspiration for their studies.

As per tradition, Notre Dame International summer students come from various fields of study. From science to business, from global affairs to the humanities. Most of them spend five or six weeks in Rome. The cultural activities allow them to get to know and fully appreciate the city, the surrounding region, and Italian culture.

Some of the students are already in Rome, such as the participants in the NDI Summer 1 program. They are taking two courses: Philosophy, Theology, Italian Language and All Roads Lead To Rome. A course, the latter, focusing on the history of the city. 

These students will be joined by many others over the summer. Almost all of them share accommodations in the Villa residence, just a few steps away from the Rome Global Gateway building, and just a few steps away from one of the most impressive Roman monuments, the Colosseum.

A new group of students will arrive at the end of June, including participants in the Summer Engineering program, now in its sixth year, as well as students in two faculty-led courses. They will take the Rome Summer Classics course or the Rome Summer Film, Television, Theater course. The final group of students will live in Rome while conducting an internship. Students will come from the  Rome Internship Program, the Rome International Scholars, and the Global Professional Experience Program. All of these opportunities are possible thanks to a solid collaboration with local institutions and partners, a network of relationships and resources aimed at ensuring that each student finds an ideal experience for their educational pathway.

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Students in Gaeta

The past and the present intertwine in the city of Rome. As part of their educational experience in Italy, students are also offered a rich programming of co-curricular activities. 

Several excursions are organized throughout the summer, including a trip to the sea, the Apennines, the hills of Lazio and neighboring regions. 

Prof. Jim Schwarten is going to lead the way in discovering three essential realities in Italy: its mountains, its sea, and its wine tradition. The first destination is Pescasseroli, a small village in the heart of the Abruzzo Apennines, inside the country's oldest national park. It’s an area that is home to many protected species, and which offers, in addition to enchanting trails, some medieval monuments of great interest. Gaeta is the second destination, by the Tyrrhenian Sea. It’s a picturesque locality, once a military stronghold, nowadays a fishing village. Its promontory, beaches and historic center attract many tourists.

The artistic and cultural heritage of a millenary history can provide students with inspiration, unforgettable experiences and places, from the masterpieces of the classical era to those of Christian sacred art. 

For each of the students Rome will have something special to offer this summer. Learn more about summer programs in Rome