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Summer Programs

Rome Summer Program

The Rome Summer Program (RSP) offers an exciting opportunity for students in all fields of study to live and learn in one of the oldest and most international cities in the world. Rome provides Notre Dame undergraduates with a unique environment in which to broaden their intellectual and cultural horizons. During the six-week program students take two courses and earn six credits which can include courses that fulfill university requirements. 

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Summer Engineering

This six week program is a unique opportunity for all undergraduate engineers to explore Rome while taking two engineering classes for six weeks. Students live at the Villa student Residence or in a nearby apartments and take classes in English at Notre Dame Rome, located a block from the Colosseum. The program includes field trips to places of cultural, religious, and engineering significance. 

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Pre-College Program

A 12-day seminar that introduces high school students to the history and culture of the Eternal City, with a focus on the built environment. Students learn from Notre Dame professors and travel to some of the most revered architectural sites in the world.

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Rome Summer Internship Program

The Rome Summer Internship Program provides support and programming for those carrying out internships in the Eternal City over the summer months. Program participants directly benefit from Notre Dame Rome's local expertise and extensive network of resources, connections and collaborating institutions by facilitating tailor-made placements, pre-departure support, on-site orientation, professional development and language learning opportunities. 

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Global Professional Experience

Notre Dame Global offers undergraduate students an international experiential learning opportunity to discover firsthand within an immersive environment how businesses and organizations operate in selected locations throughout the world.

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Rome Summer Classics

Ancient Christianity developed and spread in the confines of the Roman World, both directly, under Roman rule, and in constant interchange with classical culture, Roman political and cultural institutions. As a result of its emergence, everything in the Roman world changed: thoughts, beliefs, norms, aesthetic preferences and social norms. But how exactly did that shift happen? What did it mean to become a Christian in the Roman world, and how was Christianity itself shaped by that interaction? In this program, we will explore the social, cultural and political preconditions and consequences of Christianization, and the fascinating era that is late antiquity.    

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Rome Summer Film, Television & Theater

This program will explore the ways in which Rome has been envisioned, from the engravings of the eighteenth century, to the early photography of the nineteenth century, to the films of the twentieth century, to the YouTube videos and photo sharing sites such as Instagram. How does Rome come to us already mediated? How do we envision our Rome out of that vast reservoir of images?

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Rome Theology & Peacebuilding

The Catholic Church boasts a rich tradition of teaching and action on war and peace. This course explores theological, ethical, and policy dimensions of military intervention, nuclear disarmament, sustainable development, social movements, peace processes, climate change, refugees, and other issues. 

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