A Special Day: Family scenes in Jewish Rome before the Shoah


Location: Rome Global Gateway

Encountering Jewish Rome is an Initiative of the University of Notre Dame Rome Global Gateway, promoting the preservation of the Jewish historical heritage in the city, as well as teaching, undergraduate and graduate research, internships, public lectures, and partnerships in the field of Roman Jewish Studies. 

As part of this initiative the Rome Gateway will be hosting the screening of the documentary by Claudio Della Seta: A Special Day: Family scenes in Jewish Rome before the Shoah. The screening will be followed by an open discussion with Claudio Della Seta, Silvia Haia Antonucci and Claudio Procaccia from the Jewish Community in Rome, and with Mrs. Mirella Fiorentini.

The University of Notre Dame will offer a guided visit of the Villa on Via Celimontana, 23 at 5 PM. Please register by email (rome@nd.edu) or phone (06. 772643100).

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