Dante and Cinema


Location: Rome Global Gateway

On September 18th tree volumes curated by Prof. Franco Musarra and dedicated to Dante's readings by Roberto Benigni will be presented in the presence of Franco Musarra, Franco Cesati and Antonio Sorella.

This event is part of a multiple day conference on Dante and the Cinema, to be held between Chieti, Pescara, and Rome, and including leading academics in Italy and North America, as well as important figures in the Italian film industry. It also adds to Notre Dame's ongoing contributions to the celebration of Dante's centenary. Hosting this event will help to strengthen already existing collaborations and to facilitate new connections between the South Bend campus, the Rome Global Gateway, and the Italian cultural scene.

Building on Notre Dame's international reputation for Dante Studies and its growing emphasis on Italian film studies, we propose to collaborate with Prof. Antonio Sorella for a public event celebrating Roberto Benigni's work on Dante. This event should draw substantial attention, in Rome and beyond, to a topic of great interest not only to academics but to a much wider audience.