Conversations With The Arts

“Gian Lorenzo Bernini 'the Florentine’?”


Location: Rome Global Gateway

Although Ottavio Leoni's portrait of the young Bernini identifies him as a Neapolitan sculptor (“Neapolitan[us] Sculptor”), the artist spent much of his adult life claiming he was a Florentine. The talk will address the reasons why the Genius of Baroque Rome, born in Naples of a Neapolitan mother and a Florentine father, chose, as he became more famous, to distance himself from his southern roots.  A first look into the forthcoming book, Bernini and His World (London: Lund Humphries, March 2022).

Speaker: Livio Pestilli, Barbieri Center, Trinity College, Rome

Introduced by: Ingrid Rowland, University of Notre Dame

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