Graduate and Professional Programs

Ever Ancient Ever New: Leading Catholic Education in an Era of Change - June 4/13, 2023
A program that will facilitate an in-depth encounter with the history and current global leadership for Catholic education in Rome, and will also seek to include leaders from Italian Catholic Education as participants.

Rome Summer Seminars on Religion and Global Politics - June 4/17, 2023
The Rome Summer Seminars is a two-week program for graduate students, scholars and practitioners working at the crossroads of religion and global politics which is designed to draw on the unique religious and geopolitical resources of the city of Rome. The Seminars will begin with a 10-day writing workshop for students and culminate in a 2-day policy dialogue for senior scholars and practitioners. Students attending the workshop will have the possibility to participate in the policy dialogue as observers.

Economic and Catholic Social Thought: A Primer - June 18/23, 2023
A seminar on Catholic social thought for graduate students and junior faculty in economics and related fields.

Collaborative Inquiries in Christian Theological Anthropology  - June 19, 20, 22, 23, 2023
This project is guided by the conviction that contemporary theologians have much to gain from rigorous engagement with recent developments in the life and social sciences. Thanks to significant contributions from the John Templeton Foundation, the Villanova University, the University of Notre Dame, and a dozen other colleges and universities, a vibrant community of 20 fellows and mentors who will work collaboratively over a three-year period, has been assembled. The primary goals for this research community are twofold: first, to generate innovative research that will have a long-term effect upon various fields within theology; second, to promote sustained engagement between theology and the contemporary sciences that is, ultimately, mutually beneficial. The Summer Workshop 2023 will include manuscript critiques, social activities, and planning for future collaborations.

Rome Archive Seminar June 5/30, 2023
This seminar is designed to introduce Ph.D. students from across the humanities to the unique primary sources available in Rome. Working hands-on with materials in the city’s archives and libraries, students will be exposed to the rich potential of a wide range of sources produced from 1100 to 2020. Seminar meetings will be held at the Vatican Apostolic Library, the Biblioteca Nazionale, and the Archivio di Stato, and elsewhere. The seminar will also include a series of presentations by senior scholars who will discuss how they have collected and interpreted Roman primary sources in their own research.

MA - Theology Program - May 22/June 3, 2023
This program will engage various historical and cultural sites in Rome, Assisi and Siena as well as various Roman institutions.