Soa Students At Bagnaia Bis

School of Architecture Rome Studies Program

The University of Notre Dame School of Architecture is unique in its emphasis on traditional urbanism, classical architecture and dedication to principles that encourage community, harmony with nature and economy of resources and energy. The School’s mission is to educate leaders who will design and build for future generations, cities and towns that are based on a foundation of conservation and investment rather than consumption and waste.

To meet this mission of preparing not just well qualified architects, but true leaders of the profession, all of our students, both undergraduate and graduate, spend time in Rome, where Italy's rich history provides enduring models of timeless urbanism and architecture. Our Rome Studies Program is the only foreign studies program among American university architecture schools that requires a full year of study by all students.

Italy's rich history provides successful examples of urbanism and architecture that have stood the test of time. Its historical models of buildings and cities are a precious resource in creating architecture appropriate for the 21st century. Students leave Rome upon completion of the program with a deeper knowledge of architecture and valuable life experience.

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